Chief Bert (Herby) Corbin

Chief Bert (Herby) Corbin, 57

On the night of August 9th, 1960, Chief Bert Herby Corbin was called from a Town Council Session when a domestic disturbance was reported at a residence in Falls Brook, a community within the Grand Falls town limits. It is reported that Chief Corbin answered the complaint because he was familiar with the situation at the home.

En route to investigate the complaint he picked up Cst. Edward Hamilton of the Grand Falls RCMP detachment. Upon arrival at the scene the police officers found an armed man. As they left the police vehicle a shot rang out which creased Cst. Hamilton’s left temple. The constable was able to reach shelter at the side of the building before he heard two more shots discharged. When he turned about he saw Chief Corbin lying on the ground.

Cst. Hamilton immediately went to a neighboring house and summoned assistance. He then went to the yard of the house to keep it under surveillance. Before aid arrived, a man walked out of the building unarmed. He was taken into custody by Cst. Hamilton who also retrieved a .303 army rifle and a quantity of ammunition from the house. A woman, who telephoned the complaint of the disturbance, was not in the building at the time of the shooting; however, several unidentified children were in the residence.

Chief Corbin was survived by his wife; a son, Dr. Raymond Corbin of Edmundston; and a daughter Florence Corbin, an Ontario nurse.

From the Daily Gleaner August 10, 1960