Customs Superintendent James Finnamore & Customs Inspector David Moore

Customs Superintendent James Finnamore, 51
Customs Inspector David Moore, 30

The rising waters of New Brusnwick’s rivers claimed their first lives on the weekend of April 16, 1994. The bodies of two Revenue Canada officers – one of them the deputy mayor of this Upper St. John Valley community – were recovered Sunday after they drowned along the Aroostook River.

Dead are Senior Inspector David Moore, 30, Perth Andover’s deputy-mayor, and Superintendent Jim Finnamore, 49, both of Perth-Andover. They were travelling with a RCMP officer along Tinker Road at 10:40 pm Saturday in a van that was hit by a wall of floodwater when an ice build-up in the Aroostook River suddenly released, sweeping the van off the road.

Cst. Shannon Ward of the RCMP had got in the Canada Customs vehicle and the three occupants had drove through the water to check the Tinker port. On their way back through, the water level had raised significantly. Ice and water flowing across the road swept the vehicle into the ditch, where it was submerged. The three men climbed out on the roof while a witness called for help. All three persons were holding onto the vehicle at one point, but the two Canada Customs officials felt their best chances were to try and go to shore. The RCMP officer stayed with the vehicle and was rescued after about 45 minutes.

The RCMP dive team searched throughout the night and the RCMP helicopter started combing the riverbanks Sunday morning. A police officer found Moore’s body Sunday morning and the dive team found Finnamore’s body Sunday afternoon.

Telegraph Journal April 18, 1994